Greetings, I’m Harsha.

 Holistic Wellness Therapist and Guide

Welcome to Living Compassion!  My journey to becoming a therapist was a result of going through some tough challenges in my own life.  Having overcome them with grace and support, I felt a calling to extend my hand and offer hope to people during their own difficult times. I understand compassion begins with self and living it means to practice empathy and gentleness towards self and others.

Join me in a session to experience your body’s innate capacity and wisdom to self-heal by releasing limiting beliefs, pain blocks and repressed emotions.

Are you feeling one of these emotions?

Sometimes we don’t even know what we are feeling, other than discomfort!

How does one navigate these complex feelings? Our journey into healing begins when we recognise that the process is not only cognitive or intellectual, it’s unique! It requires us to inquire into our breath, body wisdom and emotional landscape and this is when we begin to heal.

I hope this encourages you to start your journey with me into healing and living compassion.